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Where did you grow up, and what was your favorite memory from then?
I grew up in Connecticut but spent every vacation of my life visiting family in Ohio. While I miss the ocean and the great fresh seafood, I have found a great home in Mentor. Lake County, as it turns out, is a pretty tough contender for my hometown back East. Now nights playing going on a picnic at West Haven Beach have been replaced by days at Lake Erie having actual picnics with my family.
Did you always want to be on the radio? And what did you do before for that?
I have wanted to be on the radio for as long as I can remember. My childhood friend, Lori and I used to make fake radio shows on her Karaoke machine as far back as Middle School! I have been involved with radio or tv ever since!
In your free time what can we find you doing?
In my free time you can almost always find me hitting one of Lake Metropark’s many trails for a run or a hike. And if I’m not there you can always find me at the beach!
What do you like watching on television?
Cavs. Is there anything else?
Who are your favorite artists that you play on the air and why?
I was brought up in a musical family so my tastes are pretty diverse. If you live in Lake County, you have most likely been sitting next to me at a stop light dancing and singing to anything from Journey to Beyonce to Justin Timberlake.